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Jesse Kove of AS NIGHT COMES in ‘Chariots of Fire’ Sequel

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  • 06/23Tuesday

    Jesse Kove co-stars with Joseph Fiennes in “The Last Race”

  • 06/17Wednesday

    First Look Review – AS NIGHT COMES

  • 06/15Monday

    “The Last Race” Begins Shooting with Jesse Kove of AS NIGHT…

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  • Writer/Director Richard Zelniker’s As Night Comes crackles with adolescent urgency and the simmering frustrations of teenage alienation. Having recently moved across the country to L.A., Sean (Myko Olivier) is an outsider, a small fish unable to negotiate the strong and deadly currents of his inner city high school, until the tide washes him toward the shark-like Ricky (Luke Baines). Being the king of the high school’s emo tribe, Ricky has a ... Read Morecomma

    Benjamin Poole

    The Movie Waffler

  • Writer/director Richard Zelniker brings us a throwback to the angsty teen movies of the 90s with his latest movie As Night Comes. It’s jocks versus goths as good boy Sean Holloway falls in with a group of outcasts who seem to get a kick out of causing trouble. But as Halloween approaches things start to spiral out of control and Sean finds himself caught up in a night of violence and mayhem. Luke Baines as bad-boy Ricky Gladstone and Myko O... Read Morecomma

    Gareth Johnson

    Gay Star News

  • In a time where Anti-bullying is being taken as a very serious matter, the new movie AS NIGHT COMES; hopes to bring the matter home for a more serious look. While avoiding gratuitous violence, this film is a timely look at an epidemic problem today. Every once in a while, a movie leaves you feeling a little disturbed, a little haunted, and the characters stay with you long after you’ve left the theater. Richard Zelniker’s gritty high ... Read Morecomma

    Live Video Inc.

  • A provocative independent film, worthy of parents and teens alike, Richard Zelniker’s gritty High School thriller, AS NIGHT COMES is remarkably timely and relevant to the world we live in today while also paying homage to such classics as Clockwork Orange and The Outsiders.Avoiding clichés and filled with a weighty truth, the story is seen through the eyes of angst-filled teenagers struggling to find their identities and place in teen culture,... Read Morecomma

    Dale Lawrence

    Burbank Independent

  • Starring Luke Baines (The Ever After), Myko Oliver (Castle), Evanne Friedmann (iCarly), and Stacia Hitt (Neighbors), As Night Comes is a dark look into how the pressures to fit in always come with a price — especially in high school. The film centers around Sean Holloway — a new kid who gets caught up with a group of outcast teenagers who call themselves ‘The Misfits,’ led by miscreant Ricky. The night before Halloween, Ricky’s evil spi... Read Morecomma

    Natasha Lewin

    Tolucan Times

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