First Look Review – AS NIGHT COMES

Writer/Director Richard Zelniker’s As Night Comes crackles with adolescent urgency and the simmering frustrations of teenage alienation. Having recently moved across the country to L.A., Sean (Myko Olivier) is an outsider, a small fish unable to negotiate the strong and deadly currents of his inner city high school, until the tide washes him toward the shark-like Ricky (Luke Baines). Being the king of the high school’s emo tribe, Ricky has a social cache that Sean can only dream of, and he soon falls under Ricky’s charismatic spell. Our Ricky has a chip on his shoulder, though. A bitterness not only towards the unspeakable jocks who pick on his black clad bunch of buds, but the adult world too, who ‘never think about new generations’, and for whom Ricky demands ‘extreme action to end their corruption’. What are you rebelling against, Ricky? What ya got?!

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