Jesse Kove & Richard Zelniker Interview by Tyrone Tann

“AS NIGHT COMES is a very well-done, written, directed, produced, & executed Indie-Film! Has solid character-driven writing…, solid acting, especially by the actor LUC BAINES,who plays “Ricky Gladstone…,” that gives a great performance of a character that will give you creeps & chills, due to the sick-twisted mindset he displays and showcases in the film. All the actors in the film come across very natural & likeable in their acting…, and the movie is just very realistic, raw, and extremely intense…, and keeps you captivated to see what’s going to happen next! Overall, it is a…Hip, Twisted but Slick, Cool Film! It sets another bar for teen-angst films!”

– TYRONE TANN (Radio Host on INDIE100.com Radio)

Actor/Filmmaker TYRONE TANN gets in depth w/Guests; (Actor/Producer) JESSE KOVE & (Director/Producer/Writer) RICHARD ZELNIKER, as they discuss each of their inspirations into getting into showbiz, to their collaborative team efforts into making the Upcoming Feature Film “AS NIGHT COMES.”

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