• Starring Luke Baines (The Ever After), Myko Oliver (Castle), Evanne Friedmann (iCarly), and Stacia Hitt (Neighbors), As Night Comes is a dark look into how the pressures to fit in always come with a price — especially in high school.

    The film centers around Sean Holloway — a new kid who gets caught up with a group of outcast teenagers who call themselves ‘The Misfits,’ led by miscreant Ricky. The night before Halloween, Ricky’s evil spirited nature gets the best of him, spiraling the gang out of control, leading to a world of destruction that Sean has to navigate away from at the risk of his own life.

    Luke Baines, who plays the mentally disturbed Ricky, says, “It’s not your average teen film —there’s a darkness and rawness that I think is very reflective of the real world. I don’t think there’s one specific message for people to walk away with. For some, it will be purely entertainment, for others a cathartic experience to relive their high school lives from an empowered place, but hopefully it will make people think more about the incredibly intense pressures that high school inflicts up adolescents, and perhaps rethink how we address people with mental health issues.”

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    Natasha Lewin

    Tolucan Times