• A provocative independent film, worthy of parents and teens alike, Richard Zelniker’s gritty High School thriller, AS NIGHT COMES is remarkably timely and relevant to the world we live in today while also paying homage to such classics as Clockwork Orange and The Outsiders.Avoiding clichés and filled with a weighty truth, the story is seen through the eyes of angst-filled teenagers struggling to find their identities and place in teen culture, As Night Comes is a powerful, eye-opening, beautifully structured tapestry of images that will hopefully begin a much needed conversation.

    Featuring a talented ensemble cast of “ones to watch” including Luke Baines (The Ever After), Myko Olivier (Castle), Evanne Friedmann (iCarly), Stacia Hitt (Neighbors) and Jesse Kove (Bunyan), As Night Comes follows troubled new kid, Sean Holloway, who falls in with a group of teenage outcasts called ‘The Misfits’ and under the wing of its dysfunctional yet charismatic leader, Ricky. On the eve of Halloween, Ricky’s anarchist plan for revenge spirals out of control, culminating in brutal violence, and ultimately Sean’s fight for survival and freedom.

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    Dale Lawrence

    Burbank Independent